Agri-Tech Centres collaborate to boost meat production
A fast-track pioneering project bringing together cattle and pig data to improve meat production in the UK is underway.
This type of integration has never been done before and we are attempting to create a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in three months, explains David Barclay General Manager at Innovent Technology.

A predictive model of the relationship between weather variables and meat
quality and quantity is being developed by comparing slaughter data with key rainfall, sunshine and temperature facts, explains Mr Barclay.
The slaughter data being used typically includes carcase information, deadweight, conformation and fat content.

The data should provide farmers and meat sellers with some key pointers in cattle and pig management decisions, such as the need to address housing, feed rations or health. The predictive model will also enable retailers to anticipate when fluctuations in meat supply might occur and manage accordingly.

Integrating data this way to extract value that can benefit producers and suppliers is a great example of what could be achieved if the industry worked more collaboratively, believes Mr Barclay: "This is just a small snippet of the potential that connecting and interrogating data holds for the sector."
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