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"Agrimetrics is the food and farming sector's Data Marketplace: a place to find, manage and monetise agri-food data. We're commercially and publicly funded, with the mission of accelerating the sector's ability to maximise the value trapped in its data. Our vision is a sector where the equitable sharing of data powers the next generation of innovation."
David Flanders
CEO, Agrimetrics
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Capitalise on the value of data, without losing control
Agrimetrics is a UK public and commercially-funded organisation. Our founding partners include NIAB, SRUC, Rothamsted Research and The University of Reading, and we hold strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Airbus. We were founded to accelerate new value creation in the agri-food industry from data, not to compete against the market
The leading independent accreditation of excellence in data governance
Our policies and practices are fully compliant with GDPR
What our customers say
We work with customers across the agri-food value chain, from facilitating research studies to streamlining international supply chains.
Louis Wells
Solutions and Services Manager at BASF
We wanted to create a spray/no-spray smart tool to protect waterways when applying Metazachlor and Quinmerac to oilseed rape. Working with Agrimetrics meant that we only had to work with one partner, rather than 5 or 6.
Harry Wilder
Head of Agronomy at Barfoots
Agrimetrics enabled us to pull together diverse sources of data from across our international supply chain. The result will be a predictive tool which enables us to react pre-emptively to ensure a smooth supply and high quality.
Simon Oxley
Head of Crop Production System at AHDB
Agrimetrics have provided tremendous support and guidance to AHDB in our journey to discover and classify our diverse datasets, including variety, weather, animal welfare, quality, pest weed and disease and financial data. They have brought a fresh approach to our thinking about the data and how we can move forward to utilise AHDB data over and above its original purpose.

Rob Sanders
Co-founder at Glas Data
Because Agrimetrics makes the data available via API, we can easily integrate it with our software and other third party data that we already hold.
David Burton
Senior Advisor on Supply Chain Partnerships at Natural England
Previously, it's been assumed that the biological components of Natural Capital are too complex to measure. With Agrimetrics and the latest big data techniques, this is no longer the case.
Daniel Kindred
Head of Agronomics at ADAS
Agrimetrics provides us with the ability to interact with users, get the data online and link it to other datasets. This enables us to model the data and improve and identify factors that improve yield.
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