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Driving sustainable growth through data
Our mission is to catalyse the use of data to improve productivity and sustainability in the agri-food sector. We do this by providing easy, affordable access to relevant data, expertise and technology on a powerful purpose-built platform.
Data-linked UK Field Boundaries
Using machine learning and satellite imagery up to 13 times the resolution of the industry standard, Agrimetrics have identified 2.8 million UK field boundaries and connected these to more than a billion data points - creating an unrivalled resource for stakeholders across the agri-food sector.
A window into 2.8 million fields
Field Explorer is a window into Agrimetrics data infrastructure - a collection of API's bringing together valuable information from DEFRA, Natural England, USDA, Met Office, Soil Grids, RPA and others. By providing easy, affordable access to high-value, linked data all in one place, Agrimetrics enables its customers to develop new solutions and insights in less time and at a lower cost.
Explore our data
Access a range of critical field level parameters for 2.8 million fields in the UK. Watch this video to find out more.
  • Field Facts
  • Static data defining the main characteristics of the land and field including typical weather, soil, temperatures, natural habitats and altitude.
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  • Field Trends
  • Data on which crops have been grown in which field and monthly weather variables over the past three years. This helps to inform crop rotations, emerging trends and manage risks.
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  • Field Forecasts
  • This data includes weather and growing degree days over the past two weeks and predicts those variables for the next two weeks. It can help to inform crop growth, harvest timing and application of agrochemicals.
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Our partners are using linked data to build new solutions
These examples show how our data and expertise are delivering new answers and driving greater value across the food chain.
Predictive modelling is helping Barfoots find efficiencies across their supply chain. Watch this video to find out how Agrimetrics is connecting disparate data to make accurate predictions.
Agrimetrics is working with BASF to make Water Stewardship more effective. Find out more about how we're working towards the next generation of data-driven decision support tools.
Glas Data are delivering value-added insights to their clients, enabled by Agrimetrics easily-accessible data and expertise. Find out how these potential competitors are working together to deliver better solutions.
Agrimetrics is harnessing the hidden history of land, for a more productive future. Uncover a window into more than 1.4 million field level records.
Agrimetrics launch game-changing products for the agrifood sector

The UK agrifood sector has a golden opportunity to extract new solutions to solving the challenge of producing more food with less impact on the environment. CEO David Flanders launched a suite of Field Explorer data products to address these challenges, at the Winning with Data conference at the Crystal in London Docklands.
Our partners and clients
Professor Mario Caccamo
Head of Crop Bioinformatics at NIAB
The Potato Yield Model (PYM) is a good example of how decades of science and field experience are being made available in a user-friendly way. Now farmers can use their smartphones to collect information about planting date, emergence of the crops and images of canopy to gain details of what is happening under the soil in their field.
Will McManus
WRAP Agriculture Specialist
It's great to be working with the Agrimetrics team to help deliver our ambitious targets. Their network of experts and practical tools add strength and depth that our industry partners really value.
David Burton
Natural England
The Agrimetrics Natural Capital tool demonstrates how objective metrics and land management expertise can be effectively combined with local knowledge, particularly from farmers and local communities. That has the potential to make a powerful facilitated service for more sustainable and productive farming and wider land use decision-making.
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