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How we work

We give your data value. Agrimetrics was created in 2016 with Government, academic and industry backing to unlock the value and insights held in data being generated across the agrifood sector. Sustainable global food solutions led by UK farmers and agrifood businesses is central to that objective.
The data sourced and connected by Agrimetrics is, therefore, directed by the needs of the agrifood sector. Our focus is delivering data which quantifies critical fundamentals of livestock and crop production including soil, water, weather.

By adopting pioneering web technologies Agrimetrics has created a data resource that is relevant - and accessible - to the food and farming sector. Disparate data sets from a range of sources including publicly funded on-farm information as well as general weather, water and soil data have been bought together in one place. We've started with the key building block to food production – the field. Our ambition is to create a resource and capability that provides agrifood businesses with UK and global data spanning the environment, energy, food and farming.

Access to publicly-funded data has not been easy, but in overcoming the barriers Agrimetrics is providing businesses in the agrifood sector with a quicker and more cost-effective win. Our success will be measured by your success – be it new products, new services, new companies or new food and farming solutions.

Profits generated by Agrimetrics are re-invested in new data, technologies and capabilities to drive greater efficiencies and wealth across the food and farming sector.

The capabilities developed by Agrimetrics enables us to not only give you access to rich data, but also connect your data for you, keeping commercially sensitive data safe and secure. Integrity and anonymisation are crucial in how we source and use data.

Big Data.
Every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time until 2000. By 2020 the amount of digital information in the world will have grown from 5 zettabytes today to 50 zettabytes. The principle of Big Data is that the more you have, the more you can know. Therefore, the shear volume of data, combined with analytics and artificial intelligence, overcomes bogus or incorrect individual data points to ensure reliable insights, trends and predictions.
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