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Turning Data into Decisions in Agrifood

Agrimetrics is set to present at KTN and SCI's 'Turning Data into Decisions in AgriFood' event on 22 November, in London.
KTN, jointly with SCI is organising an event "Turning Data into Decisions in Agrifood", on 22nd November 2017, at the SCI Headquarters in London (click here for more information). Big Data has the potential to transform the way we produce, process and manufacture the food of the future. With recent advances in the technologies used to collect data across the food supply chain, there is an urgent need to harness the power of this information in order to benefit from the new insights, practices and products.

The event will cover the following themes:

  • Why we need data and how to make them meaningful
  • Examples of data collected from sensors and connected devices, and software applications for data analysis and integration
  • Data analysis, integration, role of machine learning and power computing
  • Data modelling e.g. for use in financial models and models related to the environment and climate
  • Using data for decision making. e.g. development of software for customer interface, and integrating data with agrifood practice
  • Data sharing platforms and standards
  • Governance around data ownership, privacy, and security

A range of confirmed speakers include:

  • Andrew Loftus, Hectare Agriculture
  • Simon Davis, Agrimetrics
  • Thilo Steckel and Robert Fillingham, Claas
  • Paul Brereton, Fera
  • David Bisset, iTechnic
  • Derek Scuffell, Syngenta
  • Andrew Fearne, University of East Anglia
Sian Thomas, Food Standards Agency
There is a number of pitch presentations confirmed from companies and academic organisations aiming to promote a particular solution, technology or capability related to the use of data in the Agri-Food sector.

Afternoon session will feature discussion groups aiming to help build connections between the stakeholders, forecast next big developments, and identify ways to reduce barriers for using Big Data in Agri-Food supply chains. Discussion themes will touch on specific opportunities in livestock, arable and horticultural sectors, connectivity across the whole supply chain and retail, and Agriculture 4.0.

For registration and additional details of the programme, please visit the SCI website.