Agrimetrics Theory of Change
Our Theory of Change describes the change we seek to create, and the way in which our work will drive that change
We believe in the potential of data to drive more economically, ethically, and environmentally sustainable food production across the UK and beyond. We're building a Data Marketplace to enable those working in the agrifood supply chain to access and use the data required to address a broad range of challenges, from sustainable intensification to food chain resilience and carbon-negative farming."
David Flanders
CEO, Agrimetrics
Our Goals [for society?]
Agrimetrics are accelerating the work of organisations striving to create a more economically, ethically, and environmentally sustainable food system.
Economically Sustainable
Enabling the food and farming sector to contribute to the UK's economic growth, though job creation, improving production and accelerating innovation.
Ethically Sustainable
Providing the technology and expertise required to improve animal welfare and develop traceability solutions that enable ethical production, reduce deforestation, and provide fair remuneration to farmers.
Environmentally Sustainable
Accelerating innovation, technology and knowledge sharing to transition agriculture to low-impact, net-zero systems.
How we are achieving this
The Agri-food Data Marketplace
Our Data Marketplace enables organisations to share and monetise their data safely and equitably, whilst innovative search tools make it easier for consumers to find the information they need.

Underpinning the Marketplace are the latest linked-data technologies, which makes connecting disparate data simpler and enables consumers to access pre-linked and analysis-ready data from dozens of independent suppliers.

We also help organisations develop their in-house capabilities through consultancy, and are actively engaged in research and knowledge generation.
Why a Data Marketplace?
We believe in the power of data to provide solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the global food system. However, data must first be shared, connected, and understood at scale.
Increase access to data across the agrifood supply chain
Low levels of data accessibility are hindering research and innovation. Through independently audited data security protocols, an equitable remuneration scheme for data owners, and advanced data discovery and access tools, we make it easier and more affordable to access data across the supply chain.
Improve understanding of the value of data
Low understanding regarding the true value and applications of data are a major barrier to data sharing and data-driven innovation. Agrimetrics are addressing this through industry partnerships, knowledge sharing, and thought leadership.
Upgrade the sector's data capabilities
Data specialists are in high demand across all sectors, including Agriculture, which is the UK's least digitised sector. By providing access to our Marketplace capabilities, supported by consultancy, we make it simpler for organisations to access best-in-class data capabilities.
Create suitable financial rewards for data sharing
Data is valuable, but this value is not being fully realised in the agrifood sector. Our Marketplace enables those who create, share and add value to data to derive financial reward from it.
Who we work with
We're working across the food and faming sector to tackle challenges like sustainable intensification, carbon emissions, and traceability
  • Farmers
  • Barfoots, NFU, AHDB
  • Agricultural Services
  • BASF, Syngenta
  • Food Supply Chain
  • Unilever, Barfoots,
  • Retailers
  • Anti microbial resistance, etc.
  • Agri-tech
  • 3 Centres
  • Research
  • KTN, N8, our Founding Partners
  • Policy & NGO's
  • Environment Agency, Natural England, WRAP
  • Consumers
  • TBC
We accelerate innovation through strategic partnerships, membership and engagement with leading organisations
6 billion
UK field datapoint linked and available via one API
2.4 million
UK field boundaries mapped using AI and satellite data
12 months
Time cut from relevant data transformation projects
Projects completed, helping the sector become more profitable, sustainable and productive.
Selected Projects
We've delivered a range of projects for organisations across the agri-food value chain
  • Regenagri
  • ....
  • wHen2gO
  • ...
  • Natural Capital Calculator
  • ....
  • AHDB
  • .....
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