Steve Rounsley

Senior Director Applied Genomics, Genus
Steve Rounsley has been working at Genus as a Senior Director, Applied Genomics since July 2016, based in Wisconsin, USA.

Prior to this Steve was the Genomics Leader for Dow AgroSciences where he led the application of next generation sequencing technologies to breeding and biotech discovery across the company.

He started his education in the UK, before moving to the US to obtain a PhD. in developmental plant biology from UCSD. In 1995, realizing his lab skills left something to be desired, Steve moved into bioinformatics with a postdoc at TIGR just as the first bacterial genome was sequenced. While there, he helped develop the strategy and tools for eukaryotic projects and led the team sequencing the Arabidopsis genome as part of a large international consortium.

Since those early days of plant genomics, he has worked on a range of plant species in non-profit research organizations, companies (big and small) and in his own lab at University of Arizona. Rounsley is passionate about the role that obtaining, sharing and exploiting genomic knowledge can play in improving agricultural productivity around the world – both in well-studied commodity crops, and less well-resourced crops critical for the developing country agriculture.