James Ulyett

Data Scientist
James was previously a Statistical Officer for the Ministry of Defence, working at Defence Statistics (Army) providing statistical outputs and advisory services regarding personnel to the Army and Ministers in government, as well as providing input to National and Official Statistics for the UK.

Dr Ulyett's background is in Soil Science where his PhD at Cranfield University looked at the chemical and microbiological impacts due to Biochar on nitrification in arable systems. He has further postdoctoral engineering experience in failure investigations of high-speed centrifuges, focusing on surface analysis, material characterisation, selection and design. Part of this role was to provide analytical services and statistical advice on projects, visualising results for clients.

James's interests lie in applications of Statistics and Machine Learning particularly neural networks and computer vision in R.

Outside work, James rides motorbikes and work with remote sensors on single Board Computers and Microcontrollers.