Derek Scuffell

Head of R&D, Syngenta Information Systems
Derek Scuffell heads up R&D for Information Systems, Strategy & Landscapes at Syngenta, a global Swiss agribusiness that markets seeds and agrochemicals that is also involved in biotechnology and genomic research.

Derek advises on the deployment and use of information systems for research in crop protection and agricultural phsyiology, focusing in particular on developing linked enterprise data strategies for life sciences R&D.

Derek Scuffell has worked in Life Science R&D since 1987 and has primarily followed a career in the application of information technology in Science and Technology disciplines. In 2000, Derek formed part of the Syngenta bioinformatics team and later joined the newly established Information Connection team.

As a member of the board of directors of the Oracle Life Science User group, Derek comes in contact with many life science end-users and ISVs making efforts to explore all technologies to the benefit of the life science community. He is also a frequent presenter at technology user group meetings.

Within Syngenta, Derek is responsible for the exploitation and integration of external data sources. He also sits on one of the Syngenta R&D technology steering groups, looking at integrating advanced research in ICT, sensing, electronics, control and power systems to enable global agriculture and food security.