Anisa Aubin

Customer Delivery Manager
Anisa is a farmer's daughter, she grew up and worked on a variety of farms across Africa, England and Canada. Her academic background is Mathematics (BSc Mathematics) and Operations Research (MSc Health Systems).

Anisa's previous role was a customer-focused analyst delivering software solutions and consultancy projects to Emergency Services. She was involved in the implementation and delivery of projects around the world providing real time decision support tools.

As Customer Delivery Manager, Anisa will take the journey with each client through to the final delivery of the project. Anisa will facilitate a continuity of service and manage expectations on both sides for the best outcomes.

Outside of work Anisa is very active as a self-supported ultra cyclist, she is the fastest women to cycle mainland Europe from NorthCape, Norway to Tarifa, Spain. Her riding supports secondary education for disadvantaged youths.