Data-driven routes to faster growth
Equip your organisation with a game-changing advantage. Access billions of data-points through a single API. Monetise the data trapped in your applications. Talk to our team today.
Easy access to valuable data
Find the data you need, be pointed to relevant data you didn't know existed, easily access that data and receive real-time updates.
New streams of recurring revenues
Market your data and solutions, improving your visibility and opening new opportunities for commercial partnerships and revenue-sharing agreements.
Get products to market quicker
Create value-added services, scalable solutions and innovative products for your customers, accelerated by our infrastructure and fed with big and small agricultural data, updated in real-time.

Uncover insights no one else has
Bring the next generation of solutions to market
We are creating links between disparate data which has never before been connected - giving you the opportunity to generate insights and create solutions which no one else has.
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