Complete projects in less time and with fewer resources
Agrimetrics provides developers with the processes, infrastructure and expertise they need to complete data projects in less time and with fewer resources.
Find everything in one place
Agrimetrics is the UK's largest collection of pre-linked, analysis-ready agricultural data. By collating data from dozens of suppliers, we radically reduce the amount of time spent researching and finding data.
Access pre-linked data via a single API
The starting point for the agri-food Data Marketplace was a connected Graph - built with the semantic web in mind - and each new dataset is built into our Graph. This means users can quickly draw relevant data from across datasets using a single API - with one set of documentation.
Scale rapidly and easily
Our Marketplace is hosted in Azure, offering an advanced set of capabilities and familiarity which means users can adapt to new requirements and scale as quickly and easily as possible.
Explore our data
Build your own dataset
Reduce data access costs and processing time by pulling together only the data you need from hundreds of datasets. Use GraphQL to create a custom, analysis-ready dataset accessible via API.
Any questions?
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