Find and access the data you need
We provide access to pre-linked food and farming data, all in one place. This means you spend less time searching for and preparing data, and more time on what matters.
Reduce data preparation time
We provide easy access to pre-linked and analysis-ready data, significantly reducing the amount of preparation work required before analysis can begin.
Cut data access costs
Reduce your reliance on open source data. Affordably access the UK's largest collection of agricultural data from premium suppliers, including Airbus, the Met Office, CEH, NASA and AHDB.
Find hard to reach data
We make data you didn't know existed discoverable. Our Knowledge Graph, built on Semantic Web principles, enables users to query across hundreds of datasets simultaneously, from satellite imagery to operational data from IoT devices.
Explore our data
Build your own dataset
Reduce data access costs and processing time by pulling together only the data you need from hundreds of datasets. Use GraphQL to create a custom, analysis-ready dataset accessible via API.
Get in touch
If you would like to discuss how Agrimetrics can help your organisation, please get in touch
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