Build a data-driven competitive advantage
Agrimetrics provides access to the data, infrastructure and experience required for organisations to improve performance and accelerate innovation.
Access a new source of recurring revenue
Your unused and historic data could be highly valuable. Our Marketplace provides organisations with the opportunity to market their data to the agri-food sector and unlock new sources of recurring revenue, whilst retaining full control of that data.
Reduce data-related costs
We're the UK's largest source of agricultural data, which we pre-link and make analysis-ready. This radically reduces the amount of time organisations need to spend researching, finding, accessing and processing data: meaning your developers can spend more time adding value.
Gain a competitive advantage
Whether you're creating a tool which helps your team make the right decision or creating a predictive model which lets you see into the future, data is today's key to a competitive advantage; Agrimetrics makes using that key simpler and affordable.
Compared with their competitors, organisations who use data effectively enjoy:
Lower operating costs
Lower maintenance costs
Lower development costs
Increase in net margins
Case Studies
These organisations are using data and Agrimetrics to create new value
Predictive modelling is helping Barfoots find efficiencies across their supply chain. Watch this video to find out how Agrimetrics is connecting disparate data to make accurate predictions.
Agrimetrics is working with BASF to make Water Stewardship more effective. Find out more about how we're working towards the next generation of data-driven decision support tools.
Glas Data are delivering value-added insights to their clients, enabled by Agrimetrics' easily-accessible data and expertise. Find out how these potential competitors are working together to deliver better solutions.
Leveraging its relationship with Microsoft, Agrimetrics has delivered solutions to improve natural capital accounting, animal health and productivity, and the profitability of potato growers through a tuber-size prediction model.
If you would like to discuss how Agrimetrics can help your organisation, please get in touch
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