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Agrimetrics grows new solutions with Microsoft Azure
Agrimetrics uses systems powered by Microsoft Azure to grow smarter agriculture solutions, helping to modernise the whole agrifood industry.
Agrimetrics: Winning with Data Conference 2018 Highlights
Highlights of the first Agrimetrics Conference, Winning with Data on May 17th 2018. Speakers included: David Flanders CEO, Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer, Hannah Fry, BBC Documentary Maker and Mathematician and Matthew Smith, Scientist at Microsoft
Agrimetrics: a new chapter, a new identity
Agrimetrics provides data and tools to agrifood businesses, researchers and policy-makers to address our most pressing global food challenges. This is a unique opportunity for the food and farming sectors, working together, to drive sustainable productivity. This video highlights our capabilities.
Data Integration Project - David Barclay, Innovent Technology
Agrimetrics and two other Agri-Tech Centres (CIEL and Agri-EPI) are working with agri-tech company Innovent to link weather and farm conditions to meat quality. David Barclay from Innovent discusses this pioneering project that brings cattle and pig data together with environmental data to inform meat production in the UK
Natural Capital Explorer from Agrimetrics and Natural England
The Natural Capital Explorer pulls together data from different sources and presents it as maps, diagrams and graphs to make it easier to interpret the results and make quick comparisons.
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