Agrimetrics launches new data products at Winning with Data conference

Field Trends

The past three years of crop type per field and monthly weather variables including temperature, rainfall, growing degree days. This informs crop rotations and allows you to identify what is likely to happen in the field – and identify patterns and trends in order to manage risks
This API offers users the ability to inform critical crop growth trends to quantify risks to food production at local, regional and national levels. Historical trends based on three years of data have been combined to provide insights on crop history and weather at a field level.

What can this data do for you?

Support decision making
Supports decision making on crop rotational planning
Inform crop management
Helps to inform crop selection, management and performance
Inform livestock management
Helps to inform livestock producers with grass rotations, growth and management
Manage costs
Predict and reduce the impacts of soil erosion and floods
Get ahead
Provide businesses with a competitive edge
Unique insights
Enrich with your own business data to deliver critical field-level insights

What is the data?

Monthly data for the last three years at a granular field level. This will be supplemented with new data as it becomes available and currently includes:
Solar radiation, temperature, growing degree days and rainfall
Crop Coverage
Which crops were grown in which fields
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