Agrimetrics launches new data products at Winning with Data conference

Field Forecast

This data includes weather and growing degree variables for the last two weeks and the next two weeks. This data can help to inform grass and crop growth and harvest timing – in order to optimise crop utilisation and the application of agrochemicals.
This API offers users the ability to forecast crop development which can help to inform crop management and profitability - and food sourcing decisions. The data collected provides user with the ability to model and forecast crop and grass development over the past two weeks, and predict the next two weeks.

What can this data do for you?

Inform food supply
Inform the balance of food supply and demand
Support harvest management
Support predictive modelling to prioritise harvest management
Predict crop performance
Predict the expected crop performance based on future weather conditions
Predict crop growth
Predict crop growth to feed into supply and demand analysis
Predict weather
Predict weather events to mitigate in-field risk and better inform application of inputs
Inform livestock rotational grazing
Inform and support livestock rotational grazing plans over the next 14 days
Informing quality
Inform conserved forage sugar levels, growth projections and harvest timing
Get ahead
Provide businesses with a competitive advantage
Boost efficiency
Enrich with your own business data to deliver critical field-level modelling and forecasting

What is the data?

This includes daily data on weather and cropping. Data is updated daily with data from the past 14 days, and future 14 days.
Daily solar radiation, air temperature, wind relative humidity, and rainfall
Growing degree days
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