Easy access to data on 2.8 million UK fields

Field Explorer provides access to high-value, relevant data for 1 or all 2.8 million fields in the UK - all in one place.

Field Explorer products
The field is the starting point to informing productivity, transparency and supply decisions for the food and farming sector. We have identified 2.8 million fields in the UK and for each of those we have sourced a range of agriculturally relevant variables. With the Field Explorer products you will be able to access each of these fields and their associated data with ease.
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Access a range of critical field level parameters for 2.8 million fields in the UK, bringing together valuable information from DEFRA, Natural England, USDA, Met Office, Soil Grids, RPA and others. Watch this video to find out more.
  • Field Facts
  • Static data defining the main characteristics of the land and field including typical weather, soil, temperatures, natural habitats and altitude.
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  • Field Trends
  • Data on which crops have been grown in which field and monthly weather variables over the past three years. This helps to inform crop rotations, emerging trends and manage risks.
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  • Field Forecasts
  • This data includes weather and growing degree days over the past two weeks and predicts those variables for the next two weeks. It can help to inform crop growth, harvest timing and application of agrochemicals.

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We have selected data sources that are most relevant to resolving our key food and farming challenges. Our sources reach out beyond agriculture and the UK to NASA and Airbus as well as DEFRA, Natural England, Soil Grids and the Met Office. We are constantly adding new sources of data to enrich our products.

Our selection is simply based on finding data that can deliver the biggest value in driving productivity using resources more efficieintly and therefore less impact on our environment. Underpinning of all this are the digital and technical experts that ensures the data is sourced and modelled credibly.

You can access just 1 field or all 2.8 million. You can use this field information to enrich your own data and model against a number of weather factors including rainfall, soil pH, carbon content or bacteria biodiversity to name but a few – all within field boundaries. You might for example be interested in all of the fields in a county, or a farm or a water catchment area.

Agrimetrics is here to help and support you to integrate data from our APIs into your own business and maximise the value for you.

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