Natural Capital & Sustainability Data
Access the data, infrastructure and expertise that your organisation needs to accelerate sustainable innovation, improve your credentials and trace your impact
Sustainability isn't about regulatory tick-boxing. It's going to revolutionise industry in the same way the industrial revolution did two centuries ago. The best placed organisations will reap substantial rewards and the worst-performing will be left behind
Dr Matthew Smith
Chief Product Officer, Agrimetrics
Agrimetrics is enabling Natural Capital Accounting for the whole ecosystem
Access forecasted and historic weather data from the UK Met Office, Environment Agency and NASA via a single-API. Analysis-ready, pre-linked weather data saves you time and budget.
Access analysis-ready & pre-linked data from dozens of sources
We're simplifying end-to-end traceability for products and produce
View forecasted and historical weather data for each of the UK's 2.8 million fields, pre-linked to dozens of field attributes. A significant time and cost saving for agribusinesses, agri-tech and ecological and agricultural researchers
Find out about Natural Capital in your area
This free tool enables users to explore the Natural Capital in their parish, including water quality and habitat types. It also proposes recommendations for improving and safeguarding Natural Capital in that area
Flexible and affordable pricing
Weather data is part of Agrimetrics Core Data Subscription, which includes over a billion datapoints for more than 2.8 million UK fields
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