Easy and affordable access to the data you need
A graph-based API, powerful querying tools and a flexible pricing structure for R&D enables you to quickly and easily access the data you need, whilst slashing access costs and preparation time.
Cut data access costs
Find the data you need and be pointed to relevant data you didn't know existed. What's more, our pricing structure means you only pay for the data you need, not whole datasets, making even premium datasets affordable.
Slash analysis and processing time
Combine information from dozens of datasets into a single, analysis-ready file.
Host and distribute your models
Save time and money by hosting your models on Agrimetrics' infrastructure, fed with new and evolving data, updated in real-time.
Unearth new solutions
Search for new discoveries with advantages few others possess
We are creating links between disparate data which has never before been connected - giving you the opportunity to generate insights and create solutions which no one else has.
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