Harness data and improve the sustainability and productivity of your products
We provide agrochemical, seed and fertiliser companies with the means to deliver a higher performing and more sustainable service to their clients
Improve operational efficiencies
Bringing together relevant data in an analysis-ready format can yield surprising insights. One bio-pharmaceutical manufacturer was able to increase vaccine yields by 50% by analysing interdependencies between process parameters and acting on the unanticipated results.
Build and improve value-added services
Increased competition and economic conditions are driving companies to create more value for their customers. These include both actionable insights and technological solutions, which create efficiencies, improve performance or increase sustainability. The availability of data and infrastructure on Agrimetrics makes this process simpler.
Achieve full data connectivity
Evolve from historic reporting and manual analysis to predictive models and AI-driven decision support. Agrimetrics provides the data, expertise and infrastructure needed to evolve data-driven decision making into a competitive advantage.
Uncover insights no one else has
Be the first to first to bring the next generation of solutions to market
We are creating links between disparate data which has never before been connected - giving you the opportunity to generate insights and create solutions which no one else has.
Complete sustainability projects sooner
Demonstrate a commitment to improving sustainability by generating new insights and data-driven tools
We provide access to analysis-ready, pre-linked agricultural data, meaning your team spends less time finding and manipulating data and more time creating value. From mobile applications which advise growers on sustainable decision-making to data platforms which present important information in an easy-to-understand format, we're helping organisations to drive the more sustainable use of their products.
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