Agrimetrics graduates from Microsoft's AI for Good programme
The five-month programme was designed to accelerate the development of companies using artificial intelligence to create a more sustainable world, solve humanitarian issues and improve accessibility.
This June, Agrimetrics graduated from Microsoft's prestigious AI for Good programme – an intensive series of development modules, AI best practices, workshops, and social impact discussions. Just 10 companies were selected for the programme, which was open to organisations who are using AI to solve the World's environmental, humanitarian and accessibility challenges, and is designed to equip them with the skills and connections required to rapidly scale their business.
"It was a rare privilege to be part of the AI for Good programme – to build on our relationship with Microsoft and meet other companies using AI and Big Data to solve some of the World's big problems. It was one of those rare moments in your career where you come to realise that the company you're working for is truly making a difference. "

Anna Woodley
Head of Sales, Agrimetrics
The graduation was attended by Clare Barclay, COO of Microsoft UK, who commented on the "combination of technology, human brilliance, imagination and creativity that brings programmes like this to life". Representatives from Social Tech Trust – an investment fund who have injected more than £31m into over 800 socially motivated tech initiatives – were also in attendance.

Other companies who graduated from the programme included: WeWalk, who have developed a 'smart cane' which is able to detect obstacles, improving the lives and safety of the visually impaired; CityMaas, who are using AI and crowdsourced data to recommend the most efficient route for those with disabilities; and Agricompas, who are working towards the sustainable intensification of the agricultural sector.

Graduates of the AI for Good programme are eligible to apply for Microsoft's AI for Earth grant, which supports organisations working to protect the Earth's natural systems.

Previous grant recipients include Wild Me and PAWS – who are both utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence to promote conservation and fight extinction; and Ag-Analytics and Farm Beats, who using big data to enable precision agriculture.

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