From data to decisions in 24 hours

Agrimetrics and Syngenta have created a very basic decision support tool on variety selection in a recent Hackathon.
"It's a great proof of concept of what you can do when you get the right data scientists, programmers and domain experts in one room," says Agrimetrics Product Manager Claire Lewis.

She explains the reasoning behind the Hackathon:"It's about developing a minimal viable product (MVP) over a concentrated time frame, focusing on specific challenges and bringing data and expertise together to blast out crude, but real solutions."

The industry is keen to embrace data science and solutions but quite often hold back, concerned over the time, effort, and complexity of the challenge. Hackathons go some way to overcoming this.
The Hackathon, as this video shows, can help map data and create a viable solution in just 24 hours. In the process there is a huge amount of learning on how to digitize, map and link data together and generate useful visualisations in a user-interface.

"The agility of a Hackathon can leapfrog months of agonising over whether you have the right data, the right technology and the right idea," she says.

It's also very cost-effective. Big businesses tend to go on a long and protracted journey, using large amounts of manpower and resource, that too often lead to a dead end. A Hackathon can get you the answer quickly, or at least inform what the art of the possible is to facilitate further business casing – and a crude but functioning product, with far less resource.

Agrimetrics has expertise in facilitating and delivering Hackathons and wants to collaborate with businesses to deliver solutions to data challenges as fast and appropriately as possible.

Contact or if you are interested in a Hackathon.