Analysis-ready Field Attributes
We've partnered with Airbus to deliver Verde, a suite of field attributes and crop analytics derived from industry-leading satellite data and pre-linked to >billion ecological and agricultural data points
Field Attributes pre-linked to >1 million agricultural data points
Airbus' Verde uses a propriety algorithm to generate 15 field attributes from satellite data. Agrimetrics adds value by connecting these 15 attributes to more than a million other agriculturally relevant datapoints, including in-season and historic cropping, soil type and weather data.
Analysis-ready and accessible via a single-API
Through pre-processing and incorporation into our Knowledge Graph, we have significantly accelerated the process of accessing and utilising Verde. The 15 attributes, plus the linked agricultural data, can be accessed via a single API and used to improve predictions of yield, supply chain forecasting and risk estimation. They also have important applications for crop management, acting as a proxy for plant health and have important applications for optimising water use and preventing crop lodging.
Non Crop-specific Attributes
These attributes do not require the user to specify which crop was growing in the field. They return a time-series of the average attribute for the whole field.
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Crop-specific Attributes

Access Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Leaf Chlorophyll Content for any field across England and Wales
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Non-crop-specific Attributes
Access Leaf Water Content and NDVI, plus 13 other field attributes, for any field across England and Wales
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Data-linked Attributes

All 15 attributes, pre-linked to >1million agricultural data points, including historic and forecasted weather, soil chemistry and crop type
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