We keep data safe.

Agrimetrics is leading the agrifood sector when it comes to keeping its user's data safe
Your data has become a commodity and you're rightfully protective of it.

The challenges facing our sector are at an all-time high and for those wishing to prosper, using data more effectively is no longer a choice. However, this choice is frustrated by a lack of trust. We have lost faith in businesses to safeguard and use our data responsibly. Agrimetrics has committed to change this, by employing some of the most rigorous security and privacy standards in the whole agri-food sector.
3 essential pillars of data security
From defending against cyber attacks to ensuring team members handle personal data responsibly, outstanding data governance impacts every part of an organisation
We hold your data
We're ISO 27001 accredited, the World's leading independent accreditation for data governance and security
We protect your data against attack
We're certified by Cyber Essentials, meaning we effectively safeguard your data against cyber threats, from hackers to malware
You remain in
We're fully complaint with GDPR, meaning your privacy is our priority and you're always in control of your data.
We're building a data trust for the agri-food sector
What is a data trust? Data trusts provide a way for businesses to share data in a "fair, safe and equitable" way, ensuring the benefits are equally spread. One example is predictive modelling, where the amount of data available directly influences the accuracy of predictions - benefitting every contributor.

Agrimetrics is aspiring to become the first data trust in the agri-food sector. We're already working with organisations such as DEFRA, Natural England, the Water Framework Directive, BASF, USDA and hundreds of farmers, to produce a platform which enables users to improve profitability, whilst protecting privacy.
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