Agrimetrics Data Policy

Agrimetrics will be a responsible and trustworthy collaborator, helping the agri-food sector make the best use of data and technology. We are developing a comprehensive data platform, to which we will apply rigorous data quality standards to support meaningful insights. As such the capture, management and use of data from many different sources is central to what we do. These data are valuable, and some may be personally or commercially sensitive in nature. We have a responsibility to handle sensitive data with care, and we take this responsibility seriously.

When we develop specific products and services we will publish the specific terms that apply to them, but we have set out some principles below that will guide us in their development and how we operate.

Securing Data

We recognise that technical data is valuable, and it is important for our users and partners to be able to trust us with it. We will be responsible about how we gather it and what we do with it. In addition, in the event we collect personal data (e.g. name, address, email) we will treat them in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act and we will:

  • Only collect data directly from users if permission has been given.

  • Act as responsible guardians of data, and secure our technical infrastructure.

  • Refrain from disclosing personal information without permission to any third party unless legally required to.

  • Respect the rights of data owners, and offer ways for users to have their personal data rectified or destroyed at any time without reason.

    Using data in new ways

    A key aspect of the power of data is the ability to use it in new ways to derive new insights. For example, aggregating technical information from individuals to calculate an average, or linking soil quality data to data about the weather. Connecting technical data in this way is core to how Agrimetrics hopes to contribute to the agri-food sector. We also recognise the imbalance in knowledge between data experts and many in the agri-food sector. When linking or re-processing data we will:

  • Use derived datasets only to operate and improve the products and services we offer.

  • Remove any personal information.

  • Take steps to protect individuals, businesses and organisations against suffering ill effects from being identified in other ways, e.g. publishing summaries with few samples or combining data from different sources.

    Data Reliability

    Our data should aim to provide a robust evidence base, and so we will:

  • Use data of high quality and suitability.

  • Describe the context of data with sufficient metadata to allow it to be used appropriately.

  • Provide traceability by being clear about the source of data and any changes we have made.