Predict the harvest date of fresh produce crops
Predictive artificial intelligence (AI) improves the margins of time-sensitive, perishable crops by predicting the optimal harvest window 4x earlier than previously possible. Watch this webinar to find out more.

Our AI predicted the correct harvest shipment window 1 month in advance with 92% accuracy. The estimated annual savings for the customer are £6m.
Delayed harvests are an expensive problem for international farming. Overseas crops are grown to a specified shipment window, which provides retailers with a constant supply of fresh produce. If windows are missed, growers are generally responsible for making up the shortfall.

For time sensitive crops, even a couple of day's delay can be impactful.

Costs for one of the UK's leading food and farming business run to £120k per week for just one main crop (out of more than a dozen).

But these costs can be reduced substantially if a grower knows in good time that a shipment will be missed. The more time the grower has to source and negotiate alternatives, the lower the cost will be.

Watch this live webinar to find out how Agrimetrics's proprietary AI are driving these costs down through cutting-edge predictive analytics.
Forecasted Customer Impact
Outcomes of proof-of-concept AI delivered for a leading international farming business
Max AI Accuracy. Average 81% accuracy across three farms
Estimated annual savings for one main crop
Earlier prediction
This webinar covers:
The problem with food supply chains
We'll describe the industry-wide pain that motivated us to develop this AI
How our predictive AI works
We'll detail the current accuracy of our AI, based on real-world applications
Case Study
We'll provide an overview of our work with a leading international farming business
Real-world accuracy
We'll report back on how our AI during real-world scenarios verified with ground-truth data
Other AI applications
Our AI was developed to predict the harvest timings of one crop, however, we'll harvest forecasts can be adapted to other use cases and crops
Opportunities for you
We'll outline opportunities to adopt and adapt our harvest timing prediction AI
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