Agrimetrics launches new data products at Winning with Data conference

Agrimetrics supports Fujitsu with Connected Cow

For dairy farmers, missing the chance for successful conception carries a financial burden. Agrimetrics was asked by Fujitsu to assess how its Connected Cow service could support UK farmers improve detection.
"The dairy market in Japan differs from the UK "

– Karl Verhulst, IoT Solutions Lead at Fujitsu
Fujitsu Ltd ( has developed a 'Connected Cow' service for the Japanese beef industry. The technology predicts oestrus in cattle by monitoring step count data using an algorithm that detects indicative behavioural changes, such as a steep increase in movement.

Having developed the Connected Cow in Japan to reduce the calving interval, Fujitsu has asked Agrimetrics to assist in producing an economic model for application to the UK dairy market

"The dairy market in Japan differs from the UK " says Karl Verhulst, IoT Solutions Lead at Fujitsu. "We're looking to validate that the product can be used with UK cows, adapting the solution to a dairy environment. After all, the economics are completely different – with profit at approximately .20p a litre – the margins are very thin."

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