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How data can transform the food system

Come and talk to the team at Agrimetrics at various events this year to find out how sharing and connecting data offers the opportunity to build a simpler, and resilient, food supply chain.
The food supply chain is complex, fragile and at high risk to 'shocks' much like the financial sector before it's collapse, says Prof Richard Tiffin.

Connecting, and analysing, the vast amounts of data generated across the food supply system offers the sector a great opportunity to address these issues - and deliver benefits and wealth at every level of the sector.

Prof Richard Tiffin, David Flanders, Simon Davis and Anna Woodley will be present or speaking at these events about these issues and showcasing Agrimetrics new Field Explorer Suite of products:

On the road at key industry events and think-tanks
Come and meet the Agrimetrics team and see Field Explorer in action
Syngenta Enterprise Day
A showcase of the evolution of technologies in the industry and how they will contribute to farming sustainability.
6th November, Syngenta Enterprise Day, Jealott's Hill, Berks
REAP AgriTech East
How can technology and data science deliver a more competitive and sustainable agriculture. Speakers and exhibits tackle this issue at the 5th REAP conference from AgriTech East
7th November, REAP conference, AgriTech East
The Agribusiness Conference
How can a national agricultural policy and strategy balance vital food production against an enhanced environment.
13-14th November, Agribusiness Conference, Peterborough