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Agrimetrics launches new data products to the agrifood sector

New products offer single point of access to agrifood data
Unprecedented access to a wide range of data sources, including publicly funded agrifood datasets, is being made available by Agrimetrics. It is launching a suite of new products called Field Explorer that uses – and connects - data across a wide range of sources relevant to the challenges faced by the agrifood sector.
Together, we have a great opportunity for UK farmers and agrifood businesses to lead the way in delivering global food solutions.
Speaking at the Winning with Data Agrimetrics conference in the Crystal at London Docklands, CEO David Flanders unveiled three new products, a new website and logo – all part of "an exciting new chapter for Agrimetrics and the whole agrifood industry."

Agrimetrics has spent two years investing in the collection and connection of data to address productivity and supply challenges for the agrifood sector. It has used new web technologies to create capabilities, and a pioneering data resource, that can be harnessed by the whole sector.

In making these new Agrimetrics' announcements Flanders urged the industry to embrace a new data culture – one that puts data accessibility, sharing and integration at the heart of food and farming research, business and Government.

He said: "Together, we have a great opportunity for UK farmers and agrifood businesses to lead the way in delivering global food solutions. I urge the food and farming sector to seize this moment to drive radical new sustainable solutions for food and farming."

Fellow presenter Matthew Smith, Business Development Director for Microsoft, agrees:

"The market for businesses that can turn datasets into actionable business insights is exploding – and to me Agrimetrics is the first in the world to do this for the whole agricultural industry."

Field Explorer is the first of a suite of new products from this fast-growing data resource, which gives access to critical parameters on weather, cropping and soil for 1.45 million fields in the UK in one place. The three products are:

Field Facts: supports decisions on cropping choice, management and productivity using data on the main characteristics of the land and field including typical weather, soil, temperatures, natural habitats and altitude.

Field Trends: Informs optimum crop rotations and critical crop growth trends to quantify risks to food production at local, regional and national levels using three years of data on crop history and weather at a field level.

Field Forecast: Gives users the ability to forecast crop development, inform crop management and food sourcing decisions. The data uses modelled and forecast crop and grass development over a two-week period.

"Accessing a wide range of data and overcoming the technological barriers, Agrimetrics is providing businesses in the agrifood sector with a quicker and more cost-effective win," explains David Flanders.

"The capabilities developed by Agrimetrics not only enables us to give you access to a rich data resource, but also enrich and connect your data for you – keeping commercially sensitive data safe and secure", he explains.
There are still many unknowns in agriculture, but complex systems can behave in predictable ways if all the elements are connected. Creating a better-connected food system will allow us to avoid the shocks that can be catastrophic to food supply and to the associated natural ecosystems, communities and businesses.
Prof Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer, Agrimetrics
Agrimetrics has created a valuable foundation for the digitisation of the agrifood industry. The data platform is a virtual representation of the real world that allows prediction of the impact of interventions and a mechanism for asking questions. Now it is time to go out into the world and see how we can make businesses from it. It is an exciting opportunity.
Matthew Smith, Business Development Director for Microsoft
Our success will be measured by your success – be it new products, new services, new companies or new food and farming solutions.
David Flanders, CEO and Board Director, Agrimetrics.