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Agrimetrics at Cereals 2018

Agrimetrics will be providing an introduction to its new Field Explorer suite of products as part of the
Agri-Tech East "Innovation Insights" event at Cereals 2018.
30 agri-tech organisations will be giving 2 minute lightning presentations, so the event provides a good overview of the current developments in agri-tech. The Innovation Insights marquee will be in the central Agronomy Zone, near to AHDB.

Data Combine – Agrimetrics benchmarking tool – will be demonstrated at the ASSIST stand (246).

Data Combine is being used as a data capture device for 70 farmers participating in the ASSIST programme which over six years will compare the impact of ecosystem services and other factors on crop performance.

Innovation Insights:
Date/Time: 3-5pm, 13th June 2018
Location: Chrishall Grange Duxford, Cambridgeshire

For more information please visit Cereal conference website
Data Combine
Data Combine is a benchmarking app that uses data from the Recommended Lists to compare performance under field conditions.