Your Private Data Exchange
A cost-efficient way to unlock the value trapped in your data, through cloud data management, secure sharing, dataset integration and professional advice.
"Our aim is to use our data to improve UK farm businesses. Agrimetrics has provided tremendous support in our journey to discover and classify our diverse datasets."
Simon Oxley
Head of Crop Production Systems
Query your data more effectively
Run analysis across multiple non-standardised datasets, whilst significantly reducing pre-processing time and costs.
Easily incorporate third-party data
Integrate relevant third-party data into your analysis, whilst keeping your data invisible to other users.
Remove barriers to innovation
Share analysis-ready data across teams
We provide a shortcut to connecting disparate information in a machine-readable way. Connect hundreds of non-standardised datasets from multiple owners to produce a single, analysis-ready dataset. Focus your team on generating value, not data admin.
Benefits of a Private Data Exchange
Get maximum value from your data with minimal investment
Improved Data Governance
Bring data operations under one roof, reducing reliance on legacy IT systems.
Reduced preparation time
By providing pre-linked data all in one place, we radically reduce the amount of data-preparation required before analysis can begin.
Lower data access costs
Economies of scale and an access model which means you only pay for the data you use - not whole datasets - gives you the best return on your investment.
Independent, safe and secure data management
Capitalise on the value of data, without losing control
Agrimetrics is a UK public and commercially-funded organisation. Our founding partners include NIAB, SRUC, Rothamsted Research and The University of Reading, and we hold strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Airbus. We were founded to accelerate new value creation in the agri-food industry from data, not to compete against the market
The leading independent accreditation of excellence in data governance
Our policies and practices are fully compliant with GDPR
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