Develop your organisation's capabilities and data offerings
Agrimetrics combines knowledge of the agri-food sector with data science expertise to support organisations on their data journey.
Roadmap to Data Success
Our team combine data science expertise and knowledge of the food and farming sector to help organisations transform their data into insights, sustainable solutions and profit
Understand where you are
Few organisations are fully aware of the extent of their data capabilities, or how they stack up against others. However, this understanding is the starting point for building effective strategy. We use assessment tools to provide a perspective on your data capabilities.
Develop a strategy for reaching your goals
We propose a strategy for achieving your goals based on your requirements and existing capabilities,
Deliver. Enable. Support.
This could involve consultancy from one of our data scientists, our team working to enrich and model your data, up to the creation of an entire application.
Help you extract value and revenue from our Data Marketplace
Ultimately, our goal is to enable the whole agri-food sector to extract the most from value from their data. For many organisations, active participation in our Data Marketplace will be a shortcut to this value.
Predictive Modelling
See into the future, improve decision making and protect the environment
We can build you models that allow you to make predictions about the future, combining our expertise, your expertise, your data and third party datasets from our Marketplace. In the past, we've helped Barfoots streamline their international supply chain, NIAB to predict yield, and Fujitsu to improve animal health and productivity.
Solution Development
Transforming cutting-edge models into tools for everyone
Few people have the time or expertise required to draw insights from the data they own. We help organisations turn data analytics into simple tools which support real-world decision making. Recently, we worked with BASF to create a yes/no decision support tool for growers applying their pesticides.
Data Integration
Turning messy and fragmented data neat and analysis-ready
We radically reduce the time and cost of connecting disparate datasets, by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the latest linked-data technologies. Our Marketplace is built on a Knowledge Graph, the same way of structuring data as used by Google and Amazon, which makes connecting and querying data far simpler. Through the use of a Private Data Exchange, organisations can take advantage of these benefits whilst keeping their data invisible.
Compared with their competitors, organisations who use data effectively enjoy:
Lower operating costs
Lower maintenance costs
Lower development costs
Increase in net margins
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