Empower others to solve global food challenges

Agrimetrics provides, connects and analyses complex data to drive greater productivity for agrifood businesses and deliver food sustainably. We aim to help solve the global challenges of economically, ethically and environmentally sustainable food production through the use of data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

Our Story

There's a limitless amount of data and metrics surrounding the way we produce, supply and consume food. Much of this information is fragmented and until now the technology to bring all that data together and use it in a meaningful way just hasn't been possible.

Agrimetrics holds the key to unlocking all that potential. It connects information from any source, providing the whole agrifood industry with a unique opportunity to analyse, compare and combine data in novel ways.

This is a game-changing opportunity to identify precise answers and trends that can inform the decision making of all those individuals and businesses involved in putting food on our plates using real time data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

The urgency to unravel the complexity of existing food supply chains is greater than ever with food insecurity, health scares and prices rising across the globe. Brexit is accelerating that urgency to a necessity for the UK, where production efficiency, transparency and consumer trust will be critical for the agrifood industry to successfully compete on a global stage.

Agrimetrics collects data, but also connects it by using pioneering digital technologies that enable individual pieces of data to be linked to each other, across sources in a highly flexible and adaptable way. Traditional solutions are not able to do this, which has dramatically curtailed the sector's ability to exploit diverse sources of information.

Agrimetrics is now the UK's leading independent authority on agrifood data with an ability to connect to, and combine, any source of data. This capability to structure and combine fragmented, and limitless, amounts of data enables businesses and individuals to derive value for their own purposes, but collectively deliver greater productivity, security and transparency across the food supply chain.

Its four founding partners of Rothamsted Research, University of Reading, NIAB and SRUC provide Agrimetrics with access to world leading expertise and capabilities in data science, smart analytics, bioinformatics, translational research and knowledge exchange in soils, crops, livestock, food and sustainability.

We are actively working to remove boundaries of community, technology, formats and sourcing that prevent us from seeking answers from the facts and figures held across the global food supply system.

Our Values

Our core values reflect the breadth and depth of our expertise, informing the Agrimetrics business and how we behave with our customers and partners
We are Independent
A unique collaboration of Government, academia and industry, providing data and data capabilities that meet the most pressing needs of the agrifood sector.
We Innovate
Our experts pioneer new digital technologies to connect, analyse and interpret data that, until now, has been impossible to do.
We have Integrity
A trusted partner for the agri-food sector and the only organisation to be ISO27001 certified

We give controls to data providers?
We Inspire
We are a catalyst for game-changing solutions, technologies and products. Our remit is to inspire businesses to seize the opportunities that lie in data.
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