An AI-powered Marketplace for Agricultural Data
Our Data Marketplace makes accessing linked-data easy and affordable, whilst providing organisations with the opportunity to profit from their data.
How the Marketplace works
Our Marketplace provides data owners with the opportunity to transform their data into revenue, and data consumers with an easier and more affordable way to access the data they need.
You connect your data to Agrimetrics
Our Marketplace is built on a Knowledge Graph, an advanced method for organising data used by Amazon and Google. Connecting your data allows it to be found and analysed alongside other relevant data. (This is significantly cheaper and quicker than typical data integration techniques.)
Choose your level of permissions
Some organisations will opt for a Private Data Exchange. This gives them access to the linked-data on Agrimetrics along with other benefits, however, their data remains hidden from other Marketplace users.
Your datasets are featured in Agrimetrics's Data Catalogue
One way of exploring the data held on Agrimetrics is through the catalogue. Here, we thematically list all of the available datasets alongside a description and pricing details.
And the information within those datasets becomes easily searchable
The most effective way to discover data on Agrimetrics is to search using GraphQL. Rather than accessing data via datasets, which may lead to accessing irrelevant data, searching by GraphQL means you pull only the data you need from potentially dozens of datasets.
Data Consumers access pre-linked and analysis-ready data via API
Once you've found the data you need, that data can be accessed by using just one API. The data arrives pre-linked and ready to be fed into applications, models or analysed. This radically reduces data preparation time and costs.
We provide income back to data owners
Data owners receive a share of revenues, based on the frequency that their data is accessed.
New solutions, innovations and applications are brought to market
By providing affordable access to data, reducing data-preparation costs, and providing scaleable infrastructure, Agrimetrics enables organisations and researchers to bring products and insights to market quicker.
You can choose to feed new data back into the Data Marketplace
As newly developed applications generate more data, owners have the choice to increase their own revenues by marketing that data. Additionally, organisations can affordably host their models and applications on the Marketplace.
Continue Cycle of Innovation
The process is repeated. Data owners are incentivised to share their data, enabling Data consumers to continue innovating.
Real-world Applications
Data from our Marketplace is being used by organisations to streamline supply chains, protect the environment and to help primary producers make better decisions.
Predictive modelling is helping Barfoots find efficiencies across their supply chain. Watch this video to find out how Agrimetrics is connecting disparate data to make accurate predictions.
Agrimetrics is working with BASF to make Water Stewardship more effective. Find out more about how we're working towards the next generation of data-driven decision support tools.
Glas Data are delivering value-added insights to their clients, enabled by Agrimetrics' easily-accessible data and expertise. Find out how these potential competitors are working together to deliver better solutions.
Leveraging its relationship with Microsoft, Agrimetrics has delivered solutions to improve natural capital accounting, animal health and productivity, and the profitability of potato growers through a tuber-size prediction model.
How we help
We're supporting data owners to maximise the value of their agricultural data through better management and monetisation, whilst enabling others to find and access that data.
Any questions?
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