A new window on our data

A new user interface gives access and insights on all of Agrimetrics' Field Explorer data.
This is a great opportunity to visualise the opportunity that critical field-level data spanning 1.45m UK fields can provide for you, and your, business.
This visual interface offers insights on critical field parameters influencing food and farming productivity. Select an area and choose any of our data to interrogate or download:

• Soils, soil texture, soil chemistry and microbial content
• Altitude and land use including cropping and habitats
• Weather including rainfall, temperature, frost days, sunlight hours
• Crop, including grass, growth forecasts and weather forecasts

A new subscription pricing model makes access and use of our data highly competitive to all businesses, large and small, to seize this unique opportunity.
Agrimetrics is seeking to catalyse the growth of businesses in the agrifood sector and in order to do this access to its data must be cost-effective, relevant and applied to their needs.

Sign up for the free trial

Agrimetrics is offering free access to all its data on pre-selected fields via the new user interface, or via API. This Free Trial (add link) is a great opportunity to see what data Field Explorer holds and assess its value for your business.

Our data resource is growing fast, but we want more organisations to access the data in order to inform our data roadmap so that we can most effectively meet the needs and challenges of the sector.

Qualifying early stage start-ups can obtain free access to a larger range of data in return for monthly feedback to gather insights on its value and usage.

Agrimetric wants this feedback to help ensure new data developments are in tune with the sector and its needs.